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In his bestselling book Into the Woods, John Yorke argues that story structure is hardwired into human perception: all stories are essentially the same because they reflect the way in which we make sense of the world.

What is this deep-rooted story DNA? Put simply, a hero or heroine meets their opposite, assimilate it and are changed. Every story, at some level, follows this pattern – because it’s the same pattern we use when we interpret the world, too.

In Into the Woods, John uses examples gathered over 30 years of studying and teaching story structure and making programmes watched by millions of people around the world.

This is just not a how-to book for scriptwriters, it is a philosophy of how to communicate effectively in a way that resonates with the deepest part of the human psyche – through story.


“Of all the books I’ve read about story construction and the art of fiction, this one is the most comprehensive and concise.”

 John Collee – writer of  Master And Commander, Happy Feet, Creation, Walking With Dinosaurs.

Reviews of Into the Woods 

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“A love story to story – erudite, witty and full of practical magic.” Neil Cross, creator of Luther


“A mind blower… an incredibly dense but very readable tome about the art of storytelling. Really worth a read.”

Lenny Henry

Actor, Comedian and Writer

“The best book on the subject I’ve read.”


Tony Jordan

Renowned British TV Writer

“All script-writers will want to read Into the Woods. All plots and archetypes BUSTED.”

Caitlin Moran

TV Critic and Columnist, The Times

“I don’t always enjoy books on writing, but Into The Woods by John Yorke is brilliant on story structure.”

Ken Follett

Thriller Novelist

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