Over one thousand creative practitioners all over the world

John Yorke has trained some of the most successful screenwriters working today, including Oscar and BAFTA-winners, with the BBC Writers’ Academy and on our online courses.

We’re incredibly proud of all the creative professionals who have trained with us and their achievements – from TV drama, comedy, documentary, animation and film production, to game development and business communications.

See some of their great work below.

BBC Writers’ Academy members 2019 – Image from BBC site



80 hours of British and Irish TV drama written or commissioned

2 Hollywood movies commissioned

1 British movie commissioned

3 original series created

2 Guardian Top 10 Dramas of the Year

9 original script commissions for BBC, ITV, Channel 4

10 members of core writing teams – Casualty, EastEnders

1 writer shortlisted for Red Planet Prize

1 BBC Scotland Writer in Residence

4 BBC Radio dramas commissioned

John Yorke workshop at Series Lab in Hamburg, 2019

John Yorke’s pupils at Series Lab in Hamburg, 2019

I haven’t done much of anything in the way of online training before and I found the experience extremely motivating and refreshing. Amazing insight and clear, solid points to take onboard all the way through. That kind of education is absolutely invaluable.

Michael Williams

Documentary Filmmaker, Rondo Media, Watch Britannia's Burning: Fire on the Bridge on iPlayer

I feel the class has made me a better writer, and it’s made me understand game design more fully… Few games can (or should) blindly follow a three-act shape. But understanding form is how artists learn to subvert and surprise. This is the value of the course.

Colin Campbell

Games Journalist, Read Colin's full Polygon article about the course

From screenwriter to video game writer – how can you make the leap?

From screenwriter to video game writer – how can you make the leap?

Gamers are demanding more engaging storylines alongside gameplay enjoyment – and TV and film scriptwriters are increasingly looking at games as a new medium to tell their stories. Scriptwriter James Henry explores how the Story for Video Games online course can help traditional writers make the leap to this burgeoning medium.


"I've just landed my first paid writing gig, scripting stories based on people's real-life experiences for the BBC. It wouldn't have happened without John's generous time and support."


"I have already started applying what I have learned on the course. In particular, when we have a potential new business client and have to pull together a proposal. Identifying what they need, what they specifically want and what the forces of antagonism are has been really useful."


"If you can, sign up to do one of John’s courses. It takes things up to a whole new level. You mix with other talented writers, learn from the best and are pushed well past your comfort zone so you discover how to go from good to great. It’s not easy but nothing worth doing ever is."


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