Making your story treatment work

Making your story treatment work

In our exclusive forums students share their work, receive feedback, and can ask the tutors questions. A Storytelling for Screen (Drama) participant was having trouble perfecting the treatment for her script, and, as always, tutor Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann responded with some truly elucidating advice. Read on for a sneak peek of what students on the courses can expect.

Write Advice: getting your script noticed

Feel like you’ve written the next Citizen Kane, but no one seems to care? In the second of our Q&A sessions, students on John Yorke’s Story for Screenwriting online course ask their tutors for inside information on how to get their work noticed, the pitfalls of writing something that seems that little bit too familiar, and why you should stay on your script editor’s good side.

Write Advice: perfect the structure of your script

How many times have you begun a script with dreams of grandeur, only for it to peter out, and end up half written with no direction? In the first of two Q&A sessions, students taking John Yorke’s Storytelling for Screen online course talk to tutor, director and editor David Roden about the importance of script structure, the necessity of passion, and Jackie Collins’ secret to success.