Stephanie Wessell

Stephanie Wessell

Course Tutor, Story for Documentary and Factual Content

Bristol-based Steph has produced, directed and/or edit produced primetime factual series and documentaries in all kinds of genres. Arts, history and docudrama are particular passions.

From producing the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? and RTS West-nominated Back In Time For School, to directing ITV’s How to Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield and various formatted, lifestyle and archive series, Steph is trusted for her editorial skills, versatility and visuality.

She has directed dozens of eclectic films for The One Show and twice-led its BBC Wales development teams.

Steph nurtures production talent, giving masterclasses and tutoring on the John Yorke Story: Story for Documentary and Factual Content course.

She also writes and directs fiction – some shortlisted for awards – and is keen to use these skills to make innovative documentaries with strong stories at their heart.



Documentary-making is a bit like archeology: the story’s there, we just have to unearth the broken pieces and fit them together. We might do that instinctively and the story’s always moving and morphing, but through it all a good grounding in story structure is an exceptionally useful guide, helping us build a more emotionally resonant film.


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