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What does CPD certified really mean?

You may have noticed that most of our story training courses are certified as CPD. But what does this really mean for our trainees and their learning experience? Here’s what our internationally-renowned accreditors have to say.

Not all learning can be classed as CPD. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is learning that develops practical professional skills, competence and helps enhance future career prospects. It’s learning that is ‘conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive’, as defined by the world-leading CPD Certification Service.

We put our courses up for a thorough review of integrity and quality with the CPD Certification Service to make sure we’re achieving those globally recognised benchmarks. When our courses come out the other side as certified CPD, we receive a short summary from their expert team on our learning as whole.

These third-party summaries are what we’d like to share with you – we hope they give you a clear and impartial idea of how our learning at JYS works:

“This e learning course offers a high level of CPD value. The course is really well set out. Learning objectives are clearly defined. It is expert-led and uses case studies, videos and exercises. Complex information is presented in an engaging and interesting way. Links to further resources are provided. The course is accessible. Learners work at their own pace but are extremely well supported. Learning is accessed through assignments.”

“This is a very detailed and thorough course addressing all aspects of storytelling technique. It is well structured and offers a very high level of CPD, from an industry expert. The content is expert and detailed. Progressing logically through the craft of storytelling, encompassing the three and five act narrative structure. Each module begins with a video from John Yorke. This is followed by the reading and viewing materials for the modules, mini exercises, opportunities to share thoughts in the discussion forum and a final exercise.”

“The course offers an extremely high level of learner involvement which is essential for any creative writing course. The course makes use of many different films and stories, using quotes from writers and directors. All work is clearly referenced and accredited. Use of copyright material is covered by an ERA licence. An online community is offered with this course. This is where learners critique work and can discuss different aspects of the course with each other. Clear guidelines are provided for how to develop this skill.

Learners must critique at least two pieces of work and submit their own work to a tutor for every module. Tutors have a dialogue with the learners regarding their writing through a series of assignments culminating in the submission of a treatment. This ensures learners are fully engaged with the course materials at all points and are given the opportunity to develop their writing skills at a professional level.

The course offers an alumni area for those who have completed the course, which gives ongoing support and networking opportunities, which is excellent CPD practice. Mentoring is also offered.”

Look for the CPD certified badge when browsing our courses and if you find a course that doesn’t have the badge just yet, that might mean that it’s a brand new course or undergoing the review process currently. Feel free to get in touch at any point to chat to us about this.


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