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About us

From established CPD courses to bespoke consultancy, John Yorke and team lead premium story training based on the principles outlined in his bestselling book, Into the Woods. The best way to learn is through doing – and that’s what we offer.

John’s approach to story

From speeches to strategy, TV shows to immersive gaming experiences, podcasts to pitches, everything we do is about story.

As outlined in Into the Woods, John’s premise is that a universal structure underpins all successful stories, whatever their genre, format or content. Once we recognise why all narratives share a common act structure, we become able to tell any story – and communicate any message – more successfully.

Into the Woods appears on the reading list of every university writing course in the UK and is a highly regarded read among TV, film, radio and podcast, video games, publishing and advertising professionals. Read an excerpt. 

Who we are

We’re a team of industry-leading storytellers – from John Yorke in TV drama, Caroline Marchal in video games, Jeff Melvoin in showrunning, and more – and digital education pioneers who have decades of experience delivering rich online learning experiences to thousands of writers.

This combination of talent is what allows our online training to be so in-depth, industry-focused, sticky, and transformational.

We work in partnership with MediaXchange and some of our courses have been designed with the support of ScreenSkills.

How we teach

You’ll learn on our digital platform designed specifically for creative professionals. Each course is taught in small groups (no more than fifteen) with a designated tutor and moderator on hand throughout.

The best way to learn is through doing – and that’s what we offer. You’ll work as part of a tight-knit group, learning from rigorous exercises and peer interaction, feedback and refinement.

Find out more about our learning model.

Our online community

Our support for creatives extends far beyond the time you spend learning with us – on our online alumni platform you can rejoin classmates, share ideas and job opportunities, attend regular writers’ rooms and guest speaker events, and collaborate on projects.

Our alumni go on to excel in their field and we’re very proud of their achievements in TV and film drama, documentary, script development, video games production and business communications – and there are plenty of them.

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