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Into The Woods explains why all stories have the same underlying structure. We’ll help you understand that shape and how to apply it to your work, whether you’re making TV, video games, novels or writing a tweet. Join us for:

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“From the gossip we share, to the TV series we binge on, to the political narratives that shape our lives — stories define us. Learn how they work and transform the way you do everything.”

“I felt very inspired by learning from John, whose passion and experience was illuminating from beginning to end. I recommend this course to anyone interested in storytelling.​”
BECTU Vision and Drama Training

“I found John’s book, the course and his feedback on my treatment very useful and have been applying his Ten Questions and Five Act Structure ideas to pretty much all of my writing ever since. Having read a multitude of books on screenwriting and writing, I have found John’s theory and approach so refreshing, challenging – and yet so simple. It’s an absolute gift.”
Course participant, Endemol Shine Nederland 2018


“A mind blower… an incredibly dense but very readable tome about the art of storytelling. Really worth a read.” Lenny Henry

Actor, comedian and writer

“The best book on the subject I’ve read.”

  Tony Jordan

Acclaimed British TV writer

“All script-writers will want to read Into the Woods. All plots and archetypes BUSTED.” Caitlin Moran

Columnist and author, The Times

“I don’t always enjoy books on writing, but Into The Woods by John Yorke is brilliant on story structure.” Ken Follett



Write Advice: screenwriter Ashley Pharoah

Ashley Pharoah, award-winning writer and creator of shows including Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes and Wild at Heart, dropped by our classroom to take questions from our John Yorke Story for Screenwriting students. Here they discuss pitching, his development as a writer and the often long wait from script to screen.

From screenwriter to video game writer – how can you make the leap?

Video games are nothing new (well, compared to the theatre they might be), but rather than brainless shoot-em-ups, gamers are demanding more engaging, emotionally affecting storylines alongside gameplay enjoyment. For this reason, television and film scriptwriters are increasingly looking at games as a new and improved medium to tell their stories. Here, scriptwriter James Henry explores how the Story for Video Games online course can help traditional writers make the leap to this burgeoning medium.

An interview with BBC Executive Comedy Producer Simon Nicholls

What’s the key to great comedy? How can you engage the audience while still making them laugh? What should a new writer look out for? Actress, writer and producer Katherine Press met up with BBC Studios Executive Producer for Comedy Simon Nicholls to clear up all these questions and more in an exclusive interview for John Yorke Story.

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