You’ve got a great idea and a script you think industry producers and execs should read. But how do you convince them?

You’ve got a great idea and a script you think industry producers and execs should read. But how do you convince them?

Join us for a two day live online workshop to take your pitching to the next level – and add pitch-deck creation to your skillset. By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand how to create compelling decks that really sell your story, turning words into visuals that producers and execs won’t be able to ignore. The workshop is suitable for people pitching screenplays and documentary or factual ideas.

This two-session online course is suitable if you:

  • Want to make a compelling pitch that prompts industry insiders to ask to read your script.
  • Have found it tough to get responses from enquiry emails.
  • Need to ensure producers and commissioners see your vision in the same way you do.
  • Would like to master the skills to format a visually compelling, easy to read and professional deck that really sells your story.

You’ll walk away with a template you can use over and over and tweak to fit all your different ideas, no matter what genre or format.

The critique was very very useful. It’s great to be working with other creatives at my level, whose work is so interesting, and who can effectively ‘dig in’ to my own work.’
Workshop attendee 2022

The workshop is led by Emma Millions, a seasoned writer and Development Producer with experience in creating industry-standard pitch decks for drama and factual that have helped multiple clients get commissions and move their projects to the next level.

This workshop is taught online. It runs on UK time, but everything is embedded and archived in an online classroom you can access 24/7 – so you can join us from anywhere in the world.


Start date: 6 February 2023
Duration: 2 days
Skill level: Intermediate
Held: 10am – 5pm on 6 Feb and 10am-2pm on 20 Feb
Sessions: 2
Price: £160 (inc. VAT where applicable)


Emma Millions
Chay Collins

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Script Development Tutor Work
A man writing at a coffee shop

Trust your instincts. Work out what your idea is ‘really’ about in terms of theme and let that inform all of the choices and forks in the story road you come across as you build your world.

​- Emma Millions, Course Leader

These live online workshops are for anyone with a script or factual idea who would like to learn how to pitch them more effectively. Whether that’s for film or TV, and whether you’re new to the craft or a more experienced practitioner looking to upskill.

We teach this course in groups of up to 20 people. You can book as an individual, or block-book a class for your team.

The course is suitable if you:

  • Are involved in developing drama as a writer or editor.
  • Work on documentaries, unscripted TV or factual formats.
  • Would like to sharpen your skills and master structure for pitching ideas.
  • Want to learn the underlying framework behind successful pitches, and how to apply it whatever your story genre or format.
  • Need to discover why your pitches aren’t hitting home – and how to fix them.
  • Would like to find out how to create a professional and engaging pitch deck.
  • Want to join a friendly and supportive group of learners.
  • Can dedicate two live days to the learning.

You’ll discover how to take your pitching skills to a new level and learn how to look at your story in a whole new way, and move forward with a template that can be applied to all your future ideas.

Workshop 1
Discover the blueprint pitch-deck structure that works for any story idea, then learn how to build it using PowerPoint or your preferred equivalent (Photoshop, Keynote etc.). From the ‘must includes’ to the ‘don’t do’s’, we’ll guide you through the process with masses of practical tips and exercises to get you exploring and making alongside a peer group of creatives all looking to develop their skillsets.
Between the live sessions, apply the template to your story idea in your own time, with support from your peers.
Workshop 2
Pitch your deck to the workshop tutor for incisive feedback to hone your words and images – and learn new tips and tricks

The workshop replicates a face-to-face experience, running live on Zoom with a group of up to 20 participants joining Emma and a dedicated moderator. You can join and interact with the group from anywhere in the world.

Zoom is embedded in our online classroom, where you can access all the learning materials and interact with your peer-group on forums.

No technical knowledge or special equipment required.

Join our alumni

After your second session ends, you can join our online alumni community where you’ll meet our growing network of past students. You’ll be able to.

  • Rejoin your classmates in a private forum
  • Continue to access an archived version of your course materials
  • Meet alumni from other courses and share work for feedback
  • Join discussions about screenwriting, script editing and the industry
  • Attend live chats with guest writers and industry folk

Mentoring and one-to-one feedback

The John Yorke Story tutor team offer mentoring, script reads and reports. We are happy to quote by job or script, or to arrange a longer mentoring scheme as you work on a specific story idea. We’ll create a package to suit you, so for more information please email

Taking things further

If you’d like to take another John Yorke Story course, we’ll give you a discount. Please get in touch for more details.

Price: £160 (inc. VAT where applicable)

Price: £50

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What documentary makers need to do to pitch effectively

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Writers already have the ONE KEY SKILL they need to create great pitch decks

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