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Nic Drew

Nic Drew

, Technical Director

Nic has been working in at the forefront of digital technologies since 1997, designing, building and integrating systems at both a strategic and operational level.

His breadth of knowledge combined with his technical expertise and passion for exploring possibilities make him a consummate innovator.

Nic originally studied Philosophy and Theology at Trinity College Oxford, and it was here he developed an interest in technology, and in particular its use to transform the way we learn and consume information.

‘The insight and analytical skills I gained studying philosophy proved invaluable with regards to creating and managing innovative technology to support learning and business development.’

Nic is John Yorke Story and the Professional Writing Academy’s technical backbone, responsible for the shaping and development of our online learning platform. His expertise and genuine interest in offering a new kind of intimate learning experience based on a social-constructionist pedagogy is at the heart of what we do.

By pushing the bounds of what our open-source learning platform is capable of doing, and extending it in new and innovative ways, Nic has helped us to confidently assert that we are at the forefront of community-driven learning.

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