In a discussion with Ph-Creative CEO Bryan Adams, John talks about how traditional story techniques can work for all aspects of business communications including:

Breaking stories down

John and Bryan discuss the power of the inciting incident, when to reveal key information, creating anticipation and deferring gratification.

Stories and politics 

A look at storytelling and politics, thinking about the strategy politicians used throughout the Brexit debate. How does this relate to building a fictional story and believable characters? John explains why it’s much easier to tell stories when there is a clear enemy and tangible argument in place. Widespread stories require simplicity and clarity.

Business storytelling

Looking specifically at business, John shares his thoughts on leading brands such as Airbnb, and Innocent, discussing the effectivity of a simple goal, a consistent tone of voice and of course, genuine belief in your product or character and how this can apply to everything from case studies to brand bibles.

You can book your place on John’s STORY FOR BUSINESS online course with Nick Parker here.

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