What factual TV can learn from drama

In his bestselling book on screenwriting Into The Woods: How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them, John Yorke argues that all compelling stories share an underlying structure, no matter their format or genre. So what do the great storytellers of film and TV drama have to teach those who work in factual entertainment, current affairs, history/science/the arts, and documentaries – anything, in fact, that’s non-fiction? A new course explores what you can take from dramatic structure to create factual stories that resonate deeply with an audience.

Write Advice: perfect the structure of your script

How many times have you begun a script with dreams of grandeur, only for it to peter out, and end up half written with no direction? In the first of two Q&A sessions, students taking John Yorke’s Storytelling for Screen online course talk to tutor, director and editor David Roden about the importance of script structure, the necessity of passion, and Jackie Collins’ secret to success.